Wedding Trends, Tips & Golden Rules

Dominic Garnett November 25 2016

Are you planning on getting married? Today's world of weddings can be a confusing and even contradictory place, whether you’re tying the knot in Herefordshire or half way around the world. In the build-up to our next wedding fair, guest blogger Dominic Garnett negotiates the styles and sticking points of the modern wedding, along with handy tips and advice to save you stress and money while organising...

Summer Festivals, Food & Events in Ledbury & Herefordshire 2016

The Feathers Hotel June 20 2016

Summer Festivals, Food & Events in Ledbury & Herefordshire 2016

Although beautiful to visit at any time of year, summer in Ledbury is the best time of all for local events, whether you come in search of great food, local culture or even a medieval battle. A whole host of gatherings mix old Herefordshire customs and local crafts with the best of current and touring artists and experts. Here are some highlights to look forward to from the town and surrounding area...

Lazy Sundays in Ledbury: 5 Ingredients for a Perfect Weekend

The Feathers Hotel May 27 2016

If you ever considered Sunday as something of a low ebb in the week, a trip to Ledbury is the perfect tonic. Whether you opt for beautiful countryside, a dollop of culture or a spot of elegant loafing in the town, long weekends and Ledbury were simply made for each other. Here are 5 ways to make the most of your next break:1. Grand Gardens & Outdoor EventsBlooming marvellous: Hellens Manor & Garden...